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Of Most Importance


We Are Called to be Fishers of Men
Not Just Keepers of the Aquarium

I posited the following question on my Twitter account...

Which do you feel is more important and why?

A) To reach the lost with the Gospel Message.

B) To encourage one another in the faith.

I am asking in all sincerity, as it seems most find it easier to comfort one another rather than risk reaching the lost.

I also followed it up with a video, to explain further what I am reaching at by asking the question.

I am also sharing it here, so as to (hopefully) reach a broader audience and to give everyone a not-so-limited venue (as is Twitter), to expound on why they feel one is more important than the other.

I thank you in advance for taking the time to view the video and respond to the question -- either here or in the comments section on YouTube.

Blessing to all! 

Colorado Karl


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