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A Gentle Reminder


A gentle reminder from a letter written long ago,
to a group of people long since gone,
that is still worth heeding today.

Earlier today while checking my two YouTube channels, I noticed a bunch of "creator" videos explaining ways to get more viewers by applying various techniques. Unfortunately, all I was able to glean from reviewing some of those videos, is that you need to be young and your niche needs to be about what young, *worldly-minded* people are interested in.

Throughout my late teens and young-adulthood, my sole pursuit was for worldly things geared to young people. Now that I am much older, I am dealing with the repercussions of my former youth-oriented worldview. [What used to be known as "Paying the Piper"]

There is so much I am striving to unlearn, so-to-speak, in these final days of my life. It is the most difficult battle of my life. Sometimes I still find myself desiring  the youthful, worldly passions of my past. I often wonder if I am ever going to successfully shake-off all the selfish, self-centered desires that lead to no good end.

Even so, I still grasp a glimmer of hope, each time my Creator brings to my attention relevant texts in the Holy Bible. There is much in both the Old and New Testaments that wonderfully demonstrate how my feelings and struggles are nothing new or unique. 

I find great inspiration and solace in books like Ecclesiastes, Lamentations, the Psalms, Proverbs, Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Ezekiel. I also find much strength, wisdom, encouragement and guidance in the Gospels, as well as the epistles (letters) of the apostles. Especially those of James, Peter, and John. In fact, it was something in 2nd Peter that God recently brought to my attention, that moved me to write this article.

All of 2nd Peter is extremely good, but the third chapter of 2nd Peter really hit home for me this time around. As I mentioned, for most of my life, I was caught up in the ways and the things of the world - just like the most of us are. No matter how hard we try to live in loving obedience to God, we are constantly being distracted and tempted by the ways and the things this life has to offer. I believe it is because we can see, smell, taste, and touch what this life has to offer. The Kingdom of heaven and the promises of God seem distant, surreal, and intangible. And while we can see God's handiwork in creation and gain glimpses of His interaction in our life and the lives of others, it is still difficult for us to stay focused on Him and his calling.

That is why we are encouraged to frequently refresh our heart with the written Word of God. For when we do, we can see that His Word is just as relevant for us today, as it was for those to whom it was originally delivered to, in the past.

Hence, I encourage you to review the third chapter of Peter's second letter, where he expounds on the topic of dealing with false teachings and those within the church who espouse them.

I personally like how both the ESV and The Voice present the passage.

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