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Thanksgiving 2021

 Being Thankful in Difficult Times

Observance of the Thanksgiving holiday is not necessarily a happy and joyous time. The holiday itself is a time to reflect not only on our blessings, but also upon events in our life, both past and present.

To me, life is analogous to the roller-coaster ride at the amusement park. Not only the ups and downs, but the entire experience. Perhaps the best part is that no matter where we sit on the ride, we are not alone. We get to share the experience with other people.

Life is full of ups and downs as well. No matter what we experience each day of our life, we intrinsically know we are not alone in life. People we know and don't know all experience the joys and sorrows that each day brings. When we choose to acknowledge that fact, it helps to encourage us as we move forward through the challenging experiences in life.

For example, both my wife and I are in our sixties. As such, due to our age, genetics, and how we treated our bodies in the past, our physical well-being is diminished. Thus, my wife is going in for spinal-fusion back surgery the day before Thanksgiving. Obviously, we are experiencing some trepidation as we move forward. 

We have been making preparations for her recovery at home, by obtaining medical equipment designed to assist her during the healing process. We also have been seeking strength and courage via our faith. We have informed our friends and are blessed to have not only their prayerful support, but also their offers to assist us through the healing process.

Choosing to make the best of a challenging situation, my wife and I determined to celebrate Thanksgiving together on the Sunday prior to the holiday, and to prepare the interior of our house for the upcoming Christmas holiday.

We do this as a result of our faith in our God, who has shown us that no matter our past, or the challenges we face each day, we are loved, forgiven, and blessed. God has granted us this opportunity to not only experience this challenge, but to give him all the glory by sharing this experience with you.

It is our hope and prayer that our sharing this experience may bless and encourage you on the roller-coaster ride of life.



  1. OF NOTE: My wife's surgery went well, but the painful healing process took another six months. She is mostly back to her normal activities, with a greater awareness of her need to be mindful of her posture when sitting, and daily exercise. \o/


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