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No Middle Ground


When it comes to the things of God, there is

"The Faith which was once for all
delivered unto the saints."

Modernist Theology

The Bible IS the Word of God.
"The Book judges man."

The Bible CONTAINS the Word of God.
"Man judges the book."

Jesus is THE Son of God,
in a sense which no other is.

Jesus is A Son of God,
in the sense which all men are.

The birth of Jesus was SUPERNATURAL

The birth of Jesus was NATURAL
The death of Jesus was EXPIATORY The death of Jesus was EXEMPLARY
Man is the product of special CREATION Man is the product of EVOLUTION
Man is a SINNER fallen from original righteousness, and apart from God's redeeming grace, is hopelessly lost. Man is the unfortunate VICTIM of environment, but through self-culture can "make good."
Man is justified by FAITH in the atoning blood of Christ; result = supernatural regeneration from ABOVE. Man is justified by WORKS in following Christ's example, result = natural development from WITHIN.


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