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To Hell With Hell

  An in-depth look at the biblical concept of hell

Psalm One

Taking a fresh look at verses 1-3

Pierced for Our Rebellion

He was pierced for our rebellion, He was crushed for our sins.

No Middle Ground

  When it comes to the things of God, there is NO MIDDLE GROUND - ONLY A CHASM

Law and Promise

In order to fulfill God’s promise to Abraham,  God paid the penalty required under the law,  by sending His Son to be the atoning sacrifice for our sins.

Hebrew, Israelite, or Jew

Clarifying the difference between a Hebrew, Israelite, and Jew.

Considering Jesus

Jesus is Definitely Worth Considering!

A Real Down-to-Earth Kind of God

God and humanity are One, in our Lord Jesus Christ.

A Reader's Guide to the Bible

If you're relatively new to the Bible, here are some simple pointers to encourage  and help you decide where and how to begin your personal discovery of GOD'S WORD.

The Writing of the Bible Begins

No one knows when the first Hebrew put pen to parchment, or stylus to clay.  

The Good News of the New Testament

How We Got the Bible

There is a short version of how we got the Bible and why...

What About Guilty Feelings

  Whenever we feel guilty, how can we know whether the Holy Spirit is convicting us or that Satan is accusing us?

What About God's Judgment and Condemnation?

  Why should I worry about God's judgment and condemnation if I'm a moral person who hasn't committed any serious sins?

What is Sin and Why Should I Care

There is nothing innocent about sin, yet it often seems to begin with innocent things.

Questioning the Love of God

If God loves us so much,  why would He ever send a person to a place like hell?