Thanksgiving 2021

Troubles Or Opportunities

Are You Excluded?

Don't Try This At Home

Too Dull to Understand?

Systemic Ageism

Global Events and Prophecy

Caught Up In Confusion

Interpretation of Scripture

Exercising Trust

The Ember


Deck of Cards

A Little Girl's Prayer

Mind Transformation Needs Daily Regulation

Some Thoughts on Anger

Life as a New Christian

I Surrender

Gratitude and Praise

To Hell With Hell

Psalm One

Pierced for Our Rebellion

No Middle Ground

Law and Promise

Hebrew, Israelite, or Jew

Considering Jesus

A Real Down-to-Earth Kind of God

A Reader's Guide to the Bible

The Writing of the Bible Begins

The Good News of the New Testament

How We Got the Bible

What About Guilty Feelings

What About God's Judgment and Condemnation?

What is Sin and Why Should I Care

Questioning the Love of God


Forsaking All for Christ