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Please Do Not Hate Me

"Hateful is as Hateful Does"

I have seen many a person of faith treat others with hate and contempt -- even though they know it is wrong. They will justify the darkness of their heart toward others with passages from the Bible. They will declare, "I love who and what God loves and I hate who and what God hates." Such justification demonstrates that they are devoid of any and all true sense of God in their heart and in their life. For it is the Creator who justifies, not the created.

It is good and right to abhor evil, but it is wrong to hate others. We can hate what people do, but we have no right to hate the person. Why? Because we are no better than anyone else. Unless we have be born from above (see John 3:1-21; key verses 3-8), our heart is just as dark and devoid of God's Spirit as anyone else who does not know God. 

Unjust hatred only makes matters worse by the loss of hope and self-worth of the person being inflicted with such hatred from others.

Consider, if you will, the heartfelt plea of a person who has been inundated by such derision and hatred for the majority of their life...

Please, Don’t Hate Me!

Please, don’t hate me because of my race. Like you, I didn’t have any choice in the matter. I’m simply another human being on this planet we call earth.

Please don’t hate me for my ethnicity, or lack thereof.Some people got it. Some people don’t. Those who have it are not better than those who don’t. Those who don’t have more freedom, as they’re less likely to be stereo-typed.

Please don’t hate me because of my gender. Neither men nor women are better or worse, stronger or weaker, smarter or dumber, than the other. We are simply one half of an equation. When we come together, we are whole, complete. We complement each other, regardless of the level of intimacy we share – or don’t share. Respect me and I will respect you.

Please don’t hate me because of my sexual preferences.I know some people hold strong beliefs as to what is natural and/or right. But God doesn’t make mistakes. I’m as precious in His eyes as is anyone else. If my lifestyle goes against what He wants for me, He will let me know. And if I don’t agree with Him – well, He did give me the freedom to make my own choices – so stop trying to make my choices for me. Just love me as He does. Unconditionally. I respond much better to love than to hate.

Please don’t hate me because of my politics. Just like you, I’m trying to make things better for all of us. We simply disagree on the mechanics. Maybe if you and I spent less energy trying to be heard and instead made a sincere effort to listen to each other, we'd probably discover that we’re both saying the same thing – just using different words!

Please don’t hate me because of my nationality. Whether I live in one of the richest or poorest nations in the world, my value as a human being is the same. We all need and want the same basic necessities – and if we work together, we can insure that there is enough to go around for everybody.

Please don’t hate me for my religious beliefs. All I’m trying to do is make some sense of it all and seek some meaning and understanding as to the purpose of my life. Allow me the freedom to seek and discover God on my own and don’t hate me because my beliefs don’t line up with yours. The only religion that should not be allowed to exist is the religion of Hatred, Injustice and Oppression.

Please don’t hate me because I’m not like you. In all reality, I am EXACTLY like you! I am a mortal with limitations, desires, needs, fears, hopes, and loves – just like you. So instead of hating me because you’re sacred that I want the same things you do, just remember that you want the same things I do and we both have just as much right to them as anyone. So instead of trying to horde as much of it as we possibly can, let’s work together and make sure there is plenty for everyone. OK?

You see, I know a secret! I know that the more time you and I spend working together to meet each other’s needs, the closer you and I will become. And the closer you and I become, the less room there is for hate. The less room there is for hate, the greater our love for one another becomes.

Let’s you and I say a final goodbye to hate and truly embrace one another in love. For in so doing, we are embracing ourselves and insuring a wonderful future full of peace, love and much joy! Doesn't that sound a whole lot better than the way we've been living thus far?



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