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How to Be Prepared for Christ's Return

Some scriptural ways we can ensure we are prepared for Christ's return.

Mark Berry writes...

We all know that the Lord will be returning soon. We know that it is impossible to guess at when he may come back. I know that a lot of people believe that he will return in this lifetime. For many generations people have believed that. The fact is, we have no idea when Christ will return. But we can be prepared.

As Christians sometimes we lose sight of God and we fall away from him. I'm taking this devotion from 1 Thessalonians 5:12-28. It will show you some ways we can prepare for Christ's return through these versus:

🌟 Respect the people who are above you. Respect your pastor, youth minister, deacons, and your teachers in Sunday school, and so on. Be peaceful with those in your church and with other Christians. 5:12-13 
🌟 Warn friends and fellow Christians when they are wrong, or just "being lazy" about their Christian walk. Encourage them, help them, and also be patient with everyone. 5:14 
🌟 Make sure that you don't pay somebody back when they do something wrong to you. Always be kind to them and be forgiving. 5:15 
🌟 Always be joyful! Always be happy knowing that everyday is a day that God has given you to use for him. 5:16 
🌟 Pray always, and continue to give thanks in all circumstances. (Even when the circumstances aren't so good). 5:17-18 
🌟 Do not quench the Spirit. Respect and embrace the Spirit of the Lord. 5:19 
🌟 Do not treat the Bible as if it weren't important! Always read your Bible because it is the source of understanding. It is one key way to gain closeness to God. 5:20 
🌟 Be cautious to every situation, continue to do what is good and avoid doing all that is evil. 5:21-22

If you can remember these things and do [live] them, 
then you don't have to be afraid of Christ's return.

Also remember the Ten Commandments. If you feel that something is not right in your heart, or you feel that if God was to return at this moment and you would not be able to look him in the eyes, then repent of those things. Ask God to forgive you so that you can be closer to him, and feel comfortable about your relationship with God and others.

In Matthew 4:17 Jesus says, "repent, for the kingdom of Heaven is near." Do not be scared of the Lord's return. Be confident in knowing that you are right with him and that you will not be ashamed to see his face!


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