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What I Believe

WHAT I BELIEVE is my personal statement of faith.

Many Christian web sites include a Statement of Faith. I have often pondered whether I should put one together or not. Every time in the past I have decided against it, as I have always got the impression that such statements are like drawing a line in the sand.

Upon prayerful consideration, the decision was made to go ahead and compose a personal statement of faith. My goal, however, is not to draw a line in the sand. Rather, it is my desire to confess that I am a wretched sinner and that without the atoning death and resurrection of Christ Jesus, I would be a son of perdition (without any hope at all).

I believe everything it says in the Bible.


I believe that it is only by the grace of God that I am still alive today.


I believe that I am a child of God and that there will come a time when God will hold me accountable for what I have done with what He has given me.


I believe that I deserve nothing but eternal punishment – eternal separation from God – because of the darkness of my heart and the evil that lingers therein.


I believe that there has not been one day in my life – since I reached the ‘age of accountability’ – that I have not grieved God’s Spirit of Holiness within me.


I believe that the path to salvation through Christ is completely personal and different for each individual.


I believe that the truest testimony as to our salvation in Christ – comes not from the words we use, but from the life we live.



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