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The Good Book

If the Bible is such a “Good Book”, why isn’t it read more often by those who own a copy?

The world is full of books covering every phase of human thought, activity, and knowledge, but none contributes so much lasting joy, satisfaction, and peace of mind as does the Bible.

Arthur S Maxwell writes…

Public-opinion polls have revealed that the average person’s knowledge of the Bible is extremely limited. Few of those questioned could name a dozen of its leading characters. Fewer still could list its sixty-six books. Many had but the vague concepts of it origin or purpose and were utterly confused about its teachings. They could not distinguish between the books of the Old and New Testaments and were completely at a loss to find a familiar text.

Some people start out in earnest to read the bible, only to give up after glancing at the first few chapters. Unable to find anything of gripping interest, or bored by some unfamiliar phraseology, they set it aside as if it were completely beyond their understanding.

There must be millions of Bibles lying around in Christian homes, unopened and unread, with the possible exception of special occasions such as weddings and/or funerals. Yet, down through the centuries, the Bible has proved itself to be a book of high spiritual potency. Many of the finest men and women known to history have drawn inner strength from its pages. Time and again it has demonstrated a mysterious power to change lives, ennoble the spirit, enrich the mind, enlarge the vision, broaden sympathies, and transform desires. Great preachers have found it to be a treasure-trove of truth, while statesmen, teachers and writers have never ceased to mine its literary riches.

Here then is a strange paradox. We have a book that everybody is willing to admit is the best, the greatest, and the most wonderful ever written; a book that has endured longer than any other; and yet one of the least read of all books published today.

What can be done to change this situation? How can people who possess this “Good Book” be lured, enticed, persuaded, to open and read it, and so discover for themselves the precious blessings stored within its pages?

How is it with you and your Bible? Do you read it? Do you enjoy it?

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