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My Prayer

My Prayer for all who profess Christ as Lord

It is my prayer that we stop asking God to do things for us, and instead seek to please Him by living for Him instead of ourselves — by reaching out to others with His love, mercy, compassion and forgiveness.

Let us stop behaving like children on Halloween, all dressed up in our costumes and holding out our bags asking for more. Let us grow up and start giving back some of what He has given us. Let us honor Him and glorify His name by actually living humbly, surrendered to HIS will, in loving obedience, and let us cease our rhetorical lip-service to Him.

Let our hearts be truly given over to Him. May we love Him above all else; more than our parents, more than our spouse, more than our children and more than life itself.

I pray that we may stop being nominal Christians. I pray that we start – and never stop – actually living in-step with His Spirit of Holiness. That we genuinely open our hearts to Christ and allow him to truly live in us — so that when others look at us and how we live and think and talk, they would see a child of God instead of a double-minded hypocrite.

I pray that we would seek to truly be ONE in Christ, and set aside the religiosity that separates us and keeps us from being effective ministers of the gospel. Let us cease the waving of our banners of doctrine, and instead wave the banner of Christ, lifting Him high for all to see.

I pray that we stop preaching with our mouths and instead preach with our very lives, through sacrificial living and giving to the poor, and seeking to relieve the oppressed.

I pray that God touches your heart today in such a way that it changes your life forever. Amen.


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