Happy Thanksgiving

Is it possible to KNOW God?

A High View of God

Fooling Ourselves

ADOPTION: An Expression of Love

Taking a Leap of Faith

An Open Book

Mixed Messages

Zero Tolerance

Year's End Whirlwind


In the Beginning

A Clean Slate

From Bad to Worse

Truth Is Not Subjective

Knowledge Without Humility

Prepared for the Worst

Sharing Christ With Others

Idle Gossip

Every Careless Word

A Double Whammy

The Lord Our God

Between Darkness and Light

Mainstream Christianity

Going Above and Beyond

Learning to Pray Like Moses

Praying When Tempted

Five Finger Prayer

Overcoming Obstacles to Prayer

When You Pray

Praying for Help

Persistence in Prayer

Daily Prayer

Nehemiah’s Model Prayer

Connecting with God

God Answers Fervent Prayer

Aspects of Prayer

Not Just, But Also

Opinionated and Narrow Minded

False Positives

Your Witness Bugs Me

The Word GOD

Sick to my Soul

Clean Thoughts